For customers looking for home renovation company with English-speaking representatives:
Sakura Reform will make your life in Japan comfortable!

Although you have moved to Japan and have begun to live, you are dissatisfied with your home.
You feel that you could live more comfortably if the rooms could be customized. Or you would
like to live in house with more Japanese-style flair.Are you one of them who has these kinds of concerns?

For you with such concerns, Sakura Reform would propose a renovation of the rooms.

“I do not speak Japanese language…”
“I do not understand Japanese enough to accurately communicate my requests…”
Please feel assured even if you feel like the above.

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We at Sakura Reform have several representatives who understands English language, and would be able to listen to your requests politely and achieve the renovation that you desire. Our company has completed over 120,000 renovations of homes and apartments ever since we were founded.

Even if you are the one who has hired a different home renovation company and has not been able to explain the fine taste of what you have envisioned, please leave it to us by all means.

Our staff with experiences living overseas would be able to capture the fine nuances and respond to your requests.

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If you have plans to purchase a pre-owned house, we could accompany you to the site and determine if renovation is possible or not.

House is the foundation of your life. You would like to make it comfortable as much as possible.

We want you to enjoy your life in Japan as much as possible.

That is our wish. In order to lead a comfortable life as early as possible, please contact us before you start worrying.

All of our staff await you.

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